Introducing the Q-ster™


Q-sters combine traditional and digital marketing in a single product with awesome reach and impact. Flynn Digital Plus will print your Q-sters in full colour on both sides, and create and place a QR code on the back (if requested) that will reach people and share...


Why limit yourself to the one family photo on the annual Christmas card? Connect your Q-ster to entire photo albums and share those grad photos, vacation memories, and all the highlights of your family life with those closest to you. Read our tips for creating the...


What better way to create a lasting memory of a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding, milestone birthday, retirement, or anniversary than creating your very own customized Q-ster? Read our tips for creating the perfect Q-ster for your event.


Why not celebrate friendship with a customized Q-ster? Share a memory of the girl's night out on the town, the bachelor party, or the trip to Mexico, and link to  videos or online photo albums using the QR Code feature. Read our tips for creating the perfect Q-ster...

Q-sters combine traditional and digital marketing in a single touchpoint product with extended reach and unique audience impact. Using QR Code technology, each coaster can be a single-step driving force toward a website, social media account, marketing message such as a discount offer or event promotion, or be used to link to photo albums or other platforms for personal use to create meaningful, lasting memories amongst friends and family.

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In the digital marketing craze, print or traditional marketing has been said by many to be a dying medium. The Q-ster™ counters that philosophy by embracing the reality that touchpoints in marketing are a very real thing, and incredibly important to exposing your brand to new audiences (and existing ones) consistently. Q-ster™ employs QR Code technology to connect to a business website, social media, personal and professional YouTube sites, and essentially anything with a web address. Find out more about how Q-ster™ can help you elevate your brand, sell your product or service, help you and your family and friends celebrate special occasions, or simply add an exciting new tool to your existing marketing suite.


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